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About me

I discovered computers at an early age, first enjoying games such as Prince of Persia and Formula 1, and later learning Clipper and writing my first app - a personal savings database - when I was 12.

In high school, I took an informatics-intensive course where I learnt a lot of programming basics, maths, algorithms, and such. To the day I credit this course and one amazing teacher I had with many of my later successes. Faucibus commodo massa rhoncus, volutpat.

I went to University POLITEHNICA Bucharest and studied Informatics Engineering and then did a Masters' in Project Management at the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest and later on did a second Masters in Management of Information Systems at Trinity College Dublin.

For the first 9 years of my career I mostly did web development in the LAMP-stack, using various Linux distros, Apache (and later Nginx), PHP, MySQL, and frontend web development with JQuery, HTML, and CSS. I was also a hands-on manager for a year and a half, but later decided I wasn't ready to give up coding and transitioned to an Individual Contributor role.

I then transitioned to JAVA, taking a role in Salesforce Production Support, working with systems of scale and specializing on the Apex programming language and related sub-systems of the Salesforce core app. Later on, I transitioned to a programming team and build tools to aid other Production Support engineers in investigating performance degradations and doing proactive monitoring (e.g., Pyplyn).

In 2018 I joined MongoDB as a Senior Software Engineer and in 2019 I was promoted to a Lead Engineer role, effectively transitioning into a people leadership role for the second time in my career.

This is where I am today...