Mihai Bojin

Technical Lead - Private Cloud at MongoDB


Technical Leader with expertise designing, developing, and deploying highly-resilient, highly-available backend systems for global enterprise companies.

Hands-on Engineering Manager with a passion for building and mentoring high-performing teams, improving productivity, increasing operational efficiency, and bringing innovative technology solutions from concept to production.

Work Experience

Lead Software Engineer

MongoDB | 2019 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

MongoDB | 2018 - 2019

  • Hire, train, and manage a 7-person engineering team developing, packaging, and releasing Ops Manager, a platform used by customers to deploy, automate, monitor, and backup MongoDB databases.
  • Fully automated the release process and refactored the e2e test suite, increasing performance and stability, improving usability, saving 8 hours of manual QA work each month, and enabling rapid releases every 3 weeks.
  • Developed and delivered a feature enabling Ops Manager to function as a proxy between source code and the internet, simplifying the customers’ setup in restricted network environments and reducing setup/support times.
  • Fixed a long-standing incomplete backup issue involving Ops Manager in Azure cloud, SSL, Windows, and Linux VMs.
  • Added IBM Power-series support to the Ops Manager to expand access to customers using IBM infrastructure.
  • Implemented and configured OpenLDAP to run as a Docker container to execute tests in a reliable and reproducible environment with almost-zero network latency.
  • Wrote a Python script to detect any credentials accidentally packaged with other files, significantly reducing the risk of accidentally publishing product access credentials/keys.
  • Built and deployed a data-collection pipeline to send usage data into AWS and S3 for analysis and roadmap development.

Lead Software Engineer

Salesforce | 2016 - 2018

Senior Software Engineer

Salesforce | 2014 - 2016

  • Led software engineering, DevOps, and issue resolution for the Customer-Centric Engineering Team.
  • Architected a Continuous Deployment pipeline and an Alert Persistence service (open-source) that processes time-series measurements, analyzes status, and visualizes the data within a customer-facing dashboarding tool.
  • Developed a service to parse Oracle AWR reports and store/query the resulting time-series data, enabling engineers to compare Oracle RacNode performance over time/across nodes and identify the root cause of critical performance issues.
  • Investigated, debugged, and resolved customer issues with Apex compilation/parsing/test execution, metadata deployments, Oracle connection pools exhaustion, Memcached performance, and performed network packet capture and analysis.
  • Presented the learnings and benefits of using Salesforce’s open-source monitoring projects at 3 major conferences: Velocity London, OSCON Austin, and Codemotion Rome.

Lead Developer - Web Applications

Cleverbug Ltd. | 2012 - 2014

  • Hired as the first developer to build and scale a birthday card application; managed and grew the team to 8 engineers.
  • Refactored a monolithic code-base into individual components, improving first-page load time from 8 seconds to ~1 second.
  • Designed a REST-based API used by iOS, HTML5, and Android clients for data persistence and order processing.
  • Analyzed and optimized MySQL databases and queries to increase the overall throughput of the backend.
  • Wrote a deployment tool in Python allowing parallelized releases to our environments with the possibility of rollback.
  • Wrote an iOS push notification delivery service, increasing throughput by 10x and reducing costs by thousands of euros/yr.

Web Applications Developer

Full Tilt Pocker (Pocket Kings Ltd.) | 2011 - 2012

  • Refactored and optimized 15 web applications, improving average response times by 10-40%.
  • Wrote a feature to dynamically minify and cache static resources to reduce page load times by 800-1500ms per request.
  • Developed a SOAP proxy service for routing middleware calls without relying on DNS resolution to ensure 100% uptime.

Software Development Manager

Netbridge Development | 2010 - 2011

Technical Lead

Netbridge Development | 2008 - 2010

  • Architected business-to-consumer web products while managing a team of 10 developers as the tech lead and scrum master.
  • Implemented a weekly developer’s meeting focused on researching, exploring, and learning new technologies.
  • Managed the design and development of a shopping comparison engine, a computer hardware and software news website, a currency monitor website, and an online social community for pet owners.
  • Developed the 3rd-largest Romanian car portal with 25MM page views per month with modules for used cars, new vehicles, and content; created a denormalized database structure that enabled fast queries and scalability.
  • Designed and developed a module for computing the historical and current used cars price index, and implemented graphs with the Google Visualization API to allow the comparison of different car brands and models.
  • Created the database structure for a financial news portal, rewriting it from scratch and adding new features.

Technical Lead

A Rond | 2008

Software Engineer

A Rond | 2007 - 2008

  • Led a team of 6 developers building and maintaining client web sites and eCommerce portals.
  • Designed and launched 2 shopping comparison engines with 1MM users per month.
  • Built and deployed a product search algorithm and MySQL database structure for a flagship shopping comparison engine.
  • Developed a web portal used to build an online community connecting 400,000 female business people.


Organizational Leadership Specialization


Northwestern University via Coursera

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer


Cloud Native Computing Foundation

MongoDB Certified Developer Associate (C100DEV)



Certified Professional MySQL 5 Developer



Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5/5.3 and Zend Framework

2009 - 2010


Prince2 Practitioner - Expired


APMG International / OGC

Certified Scrum Master


Scrum Alliance

Certified Force.com Developer - Expired



Cisco Certified Network Associate - Expired